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Benefits Provided To Full-Time Employees

Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. values the service employees provide to employers. At Cornerstone, we want to make sure employees feel valued. We have designed a benefits package to show our appreciation.

Cornerstone of Hope

1.  Insurance Coverage:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision

2. Life Insurance and Accidental Death:

  • Cornerstone provides $15,000 life insurance policy on employee only.
  • Employees can purchase additional coverage.

3. Short Term Disability:

  • Employee only coverage.
  • Coverage commences sixty days following the first of the month.

4. Simple IRA (All employees with annual income over $5,000):

  • Cornerstone provides a Fidelity Investments Simple IRA plan.
  • Cornerstone will match up to 3% contribution.

5. Legal Shield Membership:

  • Legal Advice/Consultation
  • Identity theft and credit theft alerts

6. Tuition Discount:

  • Cornerstone is partnered with Union College.
  • Employees receive a 10% discount for online classes.

"When I first interviewed for my position, I felt like I was in the right place. When I was asked about my dream job my reply was always "THIS", throughout the years I have learned that not only has my dream job evolved but also my professional work experience. I began as a Advocate and now am a Coordinator. My involvement with Cornerstone of Hope continues to grow in a series of steps forward in my career. I am thankful for the opportunities Cornerstone of Hope has continued to give; all I can do is give back through the current work I do."

– L.C. – Employee

"Working with Cornerstone of Hope has been a very positive experience. During the interview process I found that they were interested in getting to know the person they were interviewing and finding out what is important for me to succeed and be happy in my work. Now almost a year on I am still working with the same company and am very happy in my current job."

– T.N. – Employee