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Sustaining Non-profits

The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.


Our Purpose

Cornerstone of Hope

Cornerstone of Hope, Inc., is a non-profit committed to sustaining non-profits by providing employment and Human Resource services to other non-profit agencies across the state of Kentucky.  The services we provide assist non-profits in managing the largest cost area within their program, allowing them to focus more on the services and less on the administrative areas.  

Our vision is to be the lead workforce solutions organization for job seekers, employees, and non-profit agencies by delivering innovative services. 


Services Provided

Cornerstone of Hope

Cornerstone of Hope provides a variety of HR and Employment related services.  These services include:


Recruiting, selecting, and retaining valuable employees can be challenging for non-profit agencies with limited resources. At Cornerstone of Hope, Inc., we want to make sure that your organization can hire and maintain quality employees. Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. will assist your organization with employment services, human resources, and fundraising.

A.  Employment Services:

  • Minimize the recruitment process for your organization by contracting Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. to fill your open position and save you time;
  • Save on administrative costs and expenses such as new hire paperwork, backgrounds, etc.; and,
  • Payroll and benefits will be Cornerstone of Hope’s focus so that your organization can concentrate on other areas of growth in your organization.

B.      Human Resources:

  • Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. is committed to keeping your organization updated on labor laws; and,
  • Your organizations success is our success so let us help in training your employees, provide tools for the organizations development; and,
  • As partners, Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. can assist with your organizations job restructuring to achieve your goals.

C.      Fundraising:

  • Cornerstone of Hope Inc. will help your organization in developing ideas; and,
  • Support your organization in engaging charitable organizations.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how outsourcing your open positions to Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. will benefit your organization!

Cornerstone of Hope

Cornerstone of Hope provides a variety of Employment Services for job seekers:


Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. strives to provide employers with top employees. As such, Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. aspires to develop job seekers through:

  • employment at job placement sites
  • resume writing
  • job shadowing or internship opportunities

  • interview skills or mock interviews

    Benefits Provided To Full-Time Employees

    Cornerstone of Hope

     Cornerstone of Hope provides a number of benefits to full-time employees including:

    • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance Coverage: Cornerstone covers a portion of medical premiums, and employee only dental.   Employees can elect employee, employee + spouse, employee + child(ren), or family insurance on any or all plans.
    • Life Insurance and Accidental Death: Cornerstone provides $15,000 life insurance policy on employee only.
    • Matching Simple IRA (All employees with annual income over $5,000): Cornerstone provides a Fidelity Investments Simple IRA plan.  Cornerstone will match up to 3% contribution.
    • Tuition Discount: Cornerstone has partnered with Union College. Employees receive a 10% discount for online classes.


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