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Recruiting, selecting, and retaining valuable employees can be challenging for agencies with limited resources. At Cornerstone of Hope, Inc., we want to make sure that your company can hire and maintain quality employees. Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. will assist your company with employment services and human resources.

Cornerstone of Hope

 Employment Services:

  • Minimize the recruitment process for your company by outsourcing with Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. to fill your open position(s) and save yourself time.
  • Reduce your administrative costs and expenses with the interview process, new hire paperwork, background checks, etc.
  • Payroll and benefits will be Cornerstone of Hope’s focus so that your company can concentrate on other areas of growth in your agency.
  • Eliminate workers’ comp and unemployment expenses.

Human Resources:

  • Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. is committed to keeping your company up to date on labor laws.
  • Your success is our success so let us help in training your employees or provide you with the tools.
  • As partners, Cornerstone of Hope, Inc. can assist with job restructuring to achieve your goals.

With the sustaining support of COH, the Merryman House is able to focus on the mission of saving, building and changing lives, and rest in knowing our personnel, payroll, and training needs are being met. If you are looking to start a non-profit, grow your non-profit or to reach new heights of excellence, COH has what you need. Give them a call today! “

– Dr. Mary Foley, Executive Director
Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center